XR650R Stock Rear Spring rate

I weigh 160 lbs and have always ridden the heavy XR600 and now the 650R better that anything light. I used to have an 01 650R that I seem to remember being able to dial in (the sag) perfectly for my weight (1 inch static 4 inch loaded). I made an error in judgement and spent a very brief period on a WR426, but now I am back. On my 02 650R I am ending up with 1.5 inches of static sag when I set up for 4 inches loaded. Maybe I just did not realize it on my 01. I don't think they changed the stock spring rates in any of the years, but correct me if I am wrong. In either case, does anyone know what weight range the stock spring is good for. I notice most people tend to have to add a stiffer spring, but I am wondering if I need to go the other way. I loved the way my 01 handled and it was totally stock in the suspension department other than dialing it in. Thanks for any info.

85mm to 95 mm that's about 3.75" for the pre-load. Your one of the lucky one that they nade the spring rate for. Stock .43kg fork spring rate is for 160 pound person and the 9.2kg shock sping is for 180 pound person. Changing out the fork fluid to 2.5wt will help your ride quite a bit.

Thanks for the info! I guess my only problem was that I forgot what the correct preload should be. 3.75" sounds very familiar all of a sudden. I feel like an idiot. I love this site. Thanks again!!

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