Yz450 problems?

Hey guys I was thinking about picking up a 04yz450f that I found a steel on but I'm not posative about it. I know the 04-06 yfz 450s had a lubrication problem in the top end. Did the yzs have it to? Or what are some common problems for a yz450 around that year?

I had a 04 yz450 for 7 years and loved that bike! The only thing I didn't like was the 4 speed in the desert. Around 200 hrs I only did one valve adjustment. Then tore it down replaced the piston and crank ( they looked brand new) put in a wr tranny and it was a rocket pulling xr650s threw the wash. On the track 3rd gear did everything! Another 100 hours got a 2011 and sold 04 to friend. It still has had no major problems. As long as you change oil every 2-3 hours bike will run forever. That 5 valve was yamaha a best design. In 135 hours on my 2011 I've done 3 valve adjustments, piston at 100 then oil pump went and seized crank at 135 hours. The 04 was the most reliable bike I've ever had.

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