The Pink Challenge! *help needed*

Hey guys, 


basically i need help to find as much pink bling for a wr450f as possible! For example, Radiator hoses, petrol pipe etc! this is just a reccy because i dont know what year of wr450f i will get yet(im waiting on a '06)


any help would be appreciated! and yes i am a guy and the reason i want pink is 1 i love the colour pink and hate that its been bread into everyone that its a girls colour and 2 i want to be different! :)

1. Pink is a girls color.

2. Congrats for rising above the stereotype and being your own man.

3. Spray paint will probably be your best friend in this situation.

Good luck, I would love to see the finished product.

ive never fit in the box.. im colour blind also so pink look really bright to me so its even better ;P

and i dont mean the plastics btw, they are going to be blue or black! same with the wheels they will be black its just the pipes and stuff like the chain guide i want to have pink!

Pink is a girl color.  And yes, you will be different.  If you go to you can find plenty of pink bling!

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brainwashed! :p and a hippy with that state of mind is no hippy! ;D

Pink plastics would be better than Black plastics anyway........

maybe i should of said i was a woman, i probs would of got more and less sarcastic replys! :( 

maybe i should of said i was a woman, i probs would of got more and less sarcastic replys! :(


I doubt it. 


You guys over there do some decidedly different styling ques to your rides.... what ever floats your boat.




that looks like it rammed into the back of a bus ahaha! 


thanks for ur input anyway guys! has sort of made me more determined!

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