2012 YZ450F Best Skid Plate?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has found a good skid plate for the 2012 yz450f, i currently have the works connection skid plate and it works well, however it is a pain for oil changes and for taking it on and off can be a hastle.

I have a Cycra skid plate, but I think you might already have the best option. Skid plates are always a hassle for oil changes. We just have to deal with it because it's always better than a cracked/punctured case.

Light speed! Easy to get off to change oil and its tough as nails!

Devol is awesome and can be kept on for oil changes

Pretty happy with devol it is tough and has good coverage I think it's easier too just take it off for oil changes gives me a chance too clean under it too. It does what it's suppose too.

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