Replacement Valves?

Hi All,

I apologize if I am retreading old ground for some of you.  I have a 2001 WR426F that needs new valves...  It is not worth that much and my wife will kill me if I spend the value of the bike on new titanium valves. I am told I cannot reseat the titanium valves using paste, that I am forced to buy new valves altogether!  Is there anyone out there that makes a steel valve that i can use to replace the titanium ones?  ...Or anyone have a good lead on purchasing a used head and valves that are still well seated?  

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The OEM valves from a 2000 or earlier model YZ/WR 400/426 F are stainless steel, and cost about 35% of what the Ti valves cost.  The only thing else you need is the matching valve springs, which run about $9 each.  They are completely interchangeable with the Ti valves in your bike currently, and you will not notice any performance differences when using them.

Kibblewhite makes stainless steel valves and matching springs for your bike at a fraction of the cost of OEM titanium.   I used them on my 250 and don't notice any difference.  They are supposed to be more durable than ti.  You also may need to get the seats cut, it's not always as simple as just replacing valves.  


You could look on ebay for a used head but then it's used, you don't really know what you're getting.  

You ALWAYS need the seats to be refinished whenever you replace valves. 


Kibblewhites are a reasonable choice for a 450, but the genuine Yamaha stainless valves for the 426 are at least as good as the KW's, and even less expensive.  They run just under $200 for 5 valves and springs.  The Kibblewhite spring set is more than that by itself.


Thanks guys!  I will purchase 2000 OEM SS valves and new springs, reseat them, and give it a kick!  -Much obliged.  

One more question: Is it worth trying to reseat the titanium valves with some paste?  ...I don't have much faith in the shop that told me I needed new valves.  

One more question: Is it worth trying to reseat the titanium valves with some paste?  ...I don't have much faith in the shop that told me I needed new valves.  

No.  You'll grind off the hardened coating on the valves.

You cannot lap/grind valves or seats.

Valves must be fresh/new, seats must be cut to match the new valves.

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Alright...  After calling Yamaha and several other dealers, it appears that the springs are no longer made.  Any ideas on where I can find Springs for it or whether the stock springs will work with the SS valves?

Yamaha still lists both the Exhaust valve springs (5GR-12114-00-00) and the intake valve springs (5BE-12113-00-00) on their web site parts fiche, and so does the Thumper Talk OEM Parts Store.

just for fun go to the Honda/Yamaha of troy site you could get all 5 valves for about 100 bucks, just before Christmas I got the three intakes for 60 bucks, at the time they had valve and spring kits allso,

Just for clarification: Valves form a 2000 WR400F WILL fit for a 2007 WR450F? The only other parts needed will be the springs as well is that correct? 

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