going back to 2 stroke???

Having had to sell my 4 stroke, I'm now thinking of buying a cheap 2 stroke.(a cr250 from a friend)

Has anyone gone back to a 2 stroke after riding 4 strokes for any length of time? (2 years in my case)

Was it hard to readjust?

I ride my YZ125 right after getting off of the 426. The only adjustment for me is remembering to keep shifting!!! You should be fine with the transition.


My riding buddy has a 01 YZ250. We switch all the time.

It feels like a light 426 with no low end.

I found out that switching back & forth made it harder to ride my Thumper. Man, way too much work on the 125's & 250's were fun but lots of clutch work. I love the 4stroke roll-on power out of corners........I guess I am getting lazy in my old age!

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