FMF Titanium 4 vs. White Bros. E-Series?

I am looking for some feedback as to what kind of exhaust system for low to mid power and noise is not an issue, would be best for an XR600. I have been looking at the FMF Tit-4 and White Bros. E-Series. I currently have an old wornout Cobra pipe and muffler. I am only buying the muffler and midpipe right now and the headpipe later.

I had a white brothers on my xr600 and I loved it. It made good power, was tuneable and high quality. I liked the fact that I could put in the quiet core for dual sporting the bike and easily remove it for the dirt. I also loved the sound. :)

I have a White Bros E-Series on my L and love it. I have it tuned for quieter sound (6 disc) and more low end power. I say go for it, since the motors are a lot alike. You won't regret it. :)

Hey 600ish I dont know if you have herd but noise is a huge issue. Put the money into a quiet pipe or your suspension and keep the stock one. Dont be that guy with the loud pipe when we are all fighting to keep riding areas open, you are just working against us. A main complaint is the noise. If you get one DONT come to Colorado for sure. Not trying to be a jerk but after riding for 25 years in colorado we are loosing trails everyday. Thanks for not buying a loud pipe.

The reason I say noise is not an issue is because I'm riding on 29,000 acres of private property my brother owns in South Georgia with not so much as a house within 10 miles in any direction. I am definitely well aware of the trouble many riders are causing with all of the so-called enviromentalists in this country(that's another subject)and I am on your side on protecting riding areas for all of us. I just happen to have the good fortune of having a filthy, stinking, rich brother who likes to buy land. Take care.

hey 600 thats only 45 sq mil Wow thats a lot of land. I have a E series and love it but its the only one i have ever had other than stock

...I'm riding on 29,000 acres of private property my brother owns in South Georgia...

Wow! That's way kool!!! :)

Right on im jealous I have to drive at least an hour and a half for that.

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