Which types of grease to use?

I'm getting ready to complete my first "overhaul" on my 2001 YZ426F.

(Change Oil and Filter, grease the swing arm, stearing colum, front and rear axels.)

The manual list severl types of grease and oil, and I have no idea what they are.

Molybdenum Disulfide Oil

Lightweight Ithium-Soap Base Grease

Molybdenum Disulfide Grease

Can someone give me examples of what type/Brand Names you use for each of these types of oils and greases.


I use waterproof marine grade wheel bearing grease for my swingarm/linkage and steering stem bearings....

Belray waterproof grease for all!

Being an engineer I try to follow the directions whenever possible. I'm using regular lithium based wheel bearing grease where it asks for lithium soap based grease. For the fork seals I'm using a very light lithium soap based grease that I found in a tub at the auto-parts store (much thinner than wheel bearing grease).

Then for the moly grease I'm using Mobil "XHP 222 Special" which is a grease with moly in it. This one was hard to find (NOTE: There exists both an XHP 222 AND and XHP 222 Special, the "Special" is the one with the moly in it!). I'm sure any brand moly grease is OK, just be sure to use a moly grease. I haven't found the moly oil yet so I've been using the moly grease when possible.

If you have trouble finding the moly grease then send me your address and I can send you a tube. I had to buy it from an oil distributor and the smallest order was a case (12 tubes) so I've got a couple extras. :)

Here is a link to the info on this grease:

XHP 222 Special


Notice that it says:

"Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special is particularly recommended for heavily loaded suspension bearings ..."

Hope this helps!

I had no problem finding the molybdenum disulfide and lithium soap-based greases at my local autozone. Just look on the labels (one is usually hi-temp bearing grease, the other is an all-purpose grease).

I did it all by the book the first time.

Now I just use Belray waterproof for everything...


steve t

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Thanks for the help guys.

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