First time out on the 650.

Finally got to ride the 650 in the woods. It was a little muddy and the bike kicked my a$$. The stock front tire sucks in the mud. Flooded the bike a couple of times and had to kick the hell out of it. All in all it was fun but definitely a learning experience. :)

Congrats on the XR ride Big T. I ride a MS12 up front in MD, about the same riding conditions. Hooks up real nice. Replace the stock front ASAP, it will hurt you, trust me. Also, there are 2 ways of re-starting the Pig after a tip over: 1)Hold throttle wide open, set piston at top-dead-center(compression stroke) and kick(works for some not me). 2)Hold throttle wide open, pull in de-comp lever, kick 6-8 times, set kick starter to compression stroke and kick(throttle wide open).

You can also replace the carb with a pumper type like Eldebrock QuickSilver from Barnums Pro Products. After a year with the stock carb and falling over a lot I just got mine in the mail tonight. Can't wait to use it.

Enjoy a fun all-around bike.

Yeah, I think the carb is going to be my next big $ purchase. I'll probably order a tire this week. I think I am going to go with the s12.

This bike will eat up that s12. I like the Dunlop 756 for the front. It wears well and yeah it's a flexible tire so on the hard stuff it'll feel a little off. The 756 rear is nice too, but wears fast. I'm running a Pirelli Mt-16 in the rear now with HD tubes and couldn't be happier.

Pull off the stock tires and use them to burn a brush pile or something. They might work somewhere but I've never ridden there yet. Try a Pirelli MT44 front and a MT16 rear.

It will feel like an entirely different bike with this combo. IMHO the stock tires will get you hurt in the mud.

I've had good luck with the S12. That tire has a lot of fans here in Michigan.

One of the most impressive things is how long it last.

By the way - it's 19 below zero at my house. :)


Take it from someone who knows! :D Take that stock front tire off ASAP! It's a piece of [@#$%&!] in the mud! :D I'm still healing! :D

I've heard alot of good things about the S12 and M12. It's my next purchase. :)

I have had the 756 on my 400 so I will probably go with it or the s12. I'll check on the Pirelli's but price will determine what I get. Can't wait to get it out and take another beating. :)

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