Top end bog

Well I went on my ride with a couple sleds today. Bike ran great, ice tires hooked up awesome in about 4" of slushy snow I was digging down to solid ice. My buddies said I was moving around 80-100km/h. But my bike started to die like it was out of gas up in the last 1/4 throttle. So I would down shift a gear or 2 and it would clear up, I'd cruise in 3rd fine. Then after a bit I would get back up into 5th and moving fast again. It would pull great all the way to full throttle, after afew mins of 3/4- full throttle riding it would all happen again bogging like it's out of gas and have to drop down a couple gears to clear it back up. Am I lean on my main or rich?I have a 185 main in for the cold weather. I run a 180 in the summer and it sometimes has a hic up in the top end I don't usually run it much in the top 1/4. Sound like bad gas? It's 91 octane just got it today so it's not old. Im not sure what to do, was thinking of trying a 190 main but not sure if it would be to rich or not. Needle was on 3rd setting for summer and didn't pull hard enough in cold weather so I moved the clip down 1 and pulls good now. Just that top end problem.

I don't know why I said the bike ran great. what I should of said is that the bike ran great till it started cutting in and out on the top.

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