2010 YZ450F No Fuel

My injector does not receive power. Where does it get it's power from and how is it triggered.  

It is powered from and triggered by the ECU.

Does something send a signal to the ECU letting it know to trigger the injector

The ECU takes inputs from the whole set of sensors to determine how much and when to trigger the injector and the spark plug.  The signal from the pickup, or trigger coil is the base point for both, as it provides engine RPM and crank position information.  

Ok. The original wire that wraps around the plug wire for the tach. came loose from the other end and I have no idea what it was connected to or if it will effect the bike 

Does the bike run?


To begin, the tach/hour meter is an aftermarket part, not factory installed, so the bike does not depend on it to run in any way.  The free wire on the unit is supposed to go to a power source.  What may have happened, depending on how it was installed, is that there may be a bare wire at the point where the power feed was spliced on that is now shorting things.  Start by downloading a manual, if you don't already have one:






Then, go over the entire harness for loose, dirty, or damaged connectors.  Follow that by testing the stator, rectifier/regulator, and other components as described.

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