Hey guys,

Me and quite a few of my buddies are planning on going to the Atlanta Supercross at the end of February and wondering if anyone knows the best place to get tickets, pit passes etc etc. I work at a dealer and read some posts saying that Parts Unlimited might have given out some tickets. I sell $20,000 to $30k of parts for them a year and wonder if there is any truth to getting tickets from them before I take the time to call my rep etc. since I never see him but about 2x a year. Price wise anybody going and what did you pay and how about seating. Never been and want to go. I live in Va so a drive will be long so might consider flying. any info will be greatly appreciated. Riding here is looking bad for a couple of weeks just got 2 inches of snow and south of me got quite a bit more. Wish I could ride year round like alot of my fellow T-Talker's. Anyway let me know some info guys!! Thanks, Frank :)

My buddy went to a dinner buffet thing last night in Tustin,Ca for parts unlimited.It was first come first serve so he got 4 tickets with pit passes 70 dollar seats for first round .Talk to your rep ASAP. :):D:D:D:D:D

Frank, contact your Parts Unlimited & Tucker Rocky dealer reps. They do indeed have tickets & have blocked off prime sections of the Ga Dome. My friends that are dealers here do the exact same thing. Your $ committment should entitle you to a few passes. Otherwise, you can contact Ken at Proline Motorsports -770-497-0994 - here in Atlanta. He usually purchases a block of tickets for his customers. Tell him, Dave Frankel gave you his number, he may be able to assist. Hope this helps.

Hey, Yes Part's Un. has tickets and I sat in there seats in Atlanta last year they were great..

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