cracked frame yz450 -12

discovered this , as I was to install my newly rebuilded engine,  any comment?

I bought bike last year from a prorider, maybe crack was already there then??


I find no other cracks on frame.


Will talk to welder about this.









Im no expert, and i dont claim to be buy i personally wouldnt race it like that. That is a stress crack and could fail any moment. You can have it welded but the frames on those bikes are heat treated to i believe T6 Temper and welding it will affect the heat treating in the area of the weld so you will have to find some place that specializes in heat treating aluminum. If you dont heat treat it after welding it will just crack again. Just my $.02

The frames are quite repairable by welding without any undue or abnormal concern over heat treating.  It's not a problem when the weld is done correctly. 

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