Washington- HB2675 modifiying wheeled all-terrain vehicles law

Hey all just thought i would throw this up here there is a new bill HB2675 that is in for review right now that is setup to modify HB1632 that passed last year that allowed road access to the new class of WATV's. It looks like it is headed in a better direction then what the original bill did.


For far the big changes is it removes the 35mph limit the original bill imposess and also forces the opening of primative roads.. eg usfs roads


29 (1) A person may operate a wheeled all-terrain vehicle upon any

30 public roadway of this state, ((not including)) nonhighway road((s

31 and)), or trail((s)), ((having a speed limit of thirty-five miles per

32 hour or less)) subject to the following restrictions and requirements:


There are several other changes but unfortunatly even if this were to pass it is still going to be left up to counties to adopt this for it to be legal which is still the case with the unmodified bill, that passed to law as of last year.


14 ©(i) A person may not operate a wheeled all-terrain vehicle on a

15 public roadway, nonhighway road, or trail within the boundaries of a

16 county((, not including nonhighway roads and trails,)) with a

17 population of fifteen thousand or more unless the county by ordinance

18 has approved the operation of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on county

19 roadways, ((not including)) nonhighway roads, and trails.




Whats you take on this?




So with one change in a ordinance a county can shut down ALL orv use on roads trails etc  within it's borders? scarey  Is the allure of possibly riding a quad or side by side on the road worth that risk?


maybe I'm reading it wrong?

What i have gathered from it so far is, orv and trail areas are to be unaffected as they currently stand. The bill actualy passed last year and what is does is allow countys to allow people to ride on rodes less then 35mph. the new bill is aiming to remove the 35mph speed limit and also force the opening os primative roads, these are usfs rode and such. the real problem with the whole bill is by defualt only counties that have fewer the 15,000 people living in them are open, all other counties have to opt into this bill. So in simple words this will affect only 10% of the population until the point that counties actualy say it is ok to ride on thier streets. There are a few counties that have already opted in but most of the counties which contain most of the orv and usfs road will probably never get on board unless we force them to. So in all unless we get involved this is just another piece of usless law....

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