A couple of questions....

Hey, I am looking to buy a 426F and I was wondering if it would be a good bike for me. I am 5'7" 190 lbs. I am not a beginner rider, I have owned two bikes (YZ 80, XR 350), and I have a warrior right now. Anyway It will take me awhile to get used to the 2 wheels again, so this is the major question: Is it a good somwhat begginer bike? Think I could muscle it around? Is it good for mud, trails water, and wide open areas? And also, where is the Gray wire and light blue wire? Thanks

For friends of mine with this question that are in a similar situation I typically suggest a used two stroke MX bike (the WR is IMO really a doctored-up YZF), but for some reason my advice is usually ignored. Most of my friends that were getting back into bikes after some time away from the sport bought thumpers (although several of those went w/ e-start KTMs). They all got hooked on the power delivery of my YZF/CRF or friends KTMs.

My reasoning for suggesting a two stroke is for the growing pains a lot (but not all) guys have with a high compression, high performance thumper. Maintenance, starting, and stalling (see "starting") are just extra things you need to be thinking about instead of keeping it on two wheels. Also, used 2 stroke MX bikes are plentiful, cheap, and easy to fix.

Having said all that the 426 is, in many ways, easier to ride than a two stroke due to the power delivery. It is super broad, and super smooth, so it requires less shifting and on balance is probably less tiring, although the extra weight mitigates this somewhat (I do realize the XR 350 is a heavy bike), and if you stall/fall you will be tuckered out fairly quickly.

Also, the 426 is a pretty tall bike, which won't make it easier to start and may make it easier to drop, but of course all modern MX bikes are pretty tall also.

Hope this helps.

I would say the WR is a very nice ride for all kind of conditions. I like doing fast open stuff with it but its weight allows for tight woods riding. It is also rock stable everywhere. The front wheel grips a lot. the suspension is fantastic. The engine delivers tons of power. If you know how to modulate on the throttle there is no problem. Very very nice bike

The only problem that I see in your situation is your height. I'm 6'1'' and nonetheless, I consider the bike to be very high. It is great because it has good ground clearance but on the other hand, at 5'7, stock set up of the suspension won't allow you to touch the ground even if your are 190 pounds. This is no problem most of the time but you know, you sometimes want to reach the floor in difficult tight woods sections and hill climbs and water crossing and so on...

The guy from which I bought the bike was about your height/weight and was telling me he was struggling a little with it because of the height.

You have to know that the WR feels heavy on top and I think this feeling is nothing to be appreciated by shorter guys.

. Dirt Bike mag thinks that yamies feel this way because they have more weight on the front wheel which makes them very stable on the front end (ref: dirt bike jan 04)

Use the search engine of the forum and you will find lots of information on lowering the bike, and the free mods like the wire mods and such things

HTH and wish you the best with your new ride :)

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