FMF Exhaust

Thinking of getting the Megabomb head pipe and Exhaust im not sure, Q4, Powercore 4 or Ti Powercore. Want low end power, sound dont care all come with inserts but i dont know if Q4 can be opened up. I ride a WR450 2007, trails to Grand Prix. Thanks for any info

I don't think you'd be disappointed whatsoever with the Megabomb/Q4 combo. That's what I went with and there is a substantial difference in low-mid-high power and rev and it's not so loud as to make you deaf or piss others off. But it has a great powerful sound for sure that you notice as soon as you begin to turn it over after installing it. Still get a nice crack with the throttle without being obnoxious sat all. Personal opinion here, but I'd consider the Q4 the perfect sound. Megabomb is noticeable over stock, but so is any larger diameter pipe.

Powercore 4 on the stock head pipe(2013) is very good. Pulls hard off idle to the limiter.

Thank you. I think i will go with the Q4. I only have stock with a bigger tip. So i hope it will be much better than stock  :thumbsup:

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