Clutch won't down gage

Hey there was wondering if I can get some help. By the way see what that auto correct did its supposed to say my clutch won't disengage. Anyways My clutch cable was getting frayed so I decided to swap it for a tusk clutch cable. Everything was working fine before the swap, but what I noticed is the old clutch is slightly different then the new one. The old clutch had adjustment at the trans case. The new one has it up by the lever. Now it won't disengage. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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Never mind I got it to work I'm almost maxed out on adjustment but works fine. Seems to be like 5/8 longer than my old frayed cable. Guess ima get in touch with bike bandit see if they shipped wrong one.

It would be nice if you mentioned what make/model/year....

Sorry it's a 04 yz250

Aftermarket clutch cables are a crap shoot at best. Glad to hear you got it working.

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