RM125 or RMX250

Hi I need a new bike and I have been thinking about it and I think these might be my best options. 

I am 14  about 5'5 and looking for a new bike because I'm too big and bored of my 2001 CR80. I have been looking around my area and I have two options; a 2003 RM125 or a 1998 RMX250, I think they are probably my best options mostly because of value, but I'm struggling to pick one.

The RM125

Light, cheap, easy to start, able to do MX races, newer and probably easier to find parts. But un registrable in Australia and probably might get boring.

The RMX250

Cheap, good for trails (which is what I mostly do), registrable in my state, and poweful. But may be worn out because its older and possibly too powerful.

Please help me out and tell me what you think, and have you had any experience with these bikes?  


The RMX250 is a great bike , worth rebuilding .

I ride a 06 rm125 its pretty much stock except for a 144cc piston and race gas It moves me plenty fine, Not sure how much of a difference the piston makes but All the guys i ride trails with ride 125's and they do perfectly fine. If your doing Technical/tight trail riding a 125 smoker will be plenty bike.


Id lean towards the Rm125 just cause parts will most definitely be easier to find.

UNLESS Being able to register it is a big deal for you then id go with the RMX, Me personally where i live wouldn't really do me any good having a bike for both since i have to drive over an hour to places to ride.  


Copied this from a quick search cause i was not familiar with the RMX 


"Good features
18" rear wheel
Snail rear axle adjusters
Zerk fittings in linkage and swingarm
big yet slim fuel tank
Enduro porting
True wide-ratio transmission
Side stand
Trans shifts well
Clutch pull light
O-ring chain (gave mine away well before it was worn just to help another RMXer out)
55w headlight; good enough for night rides
Excellent off-road suspension (quality and performance); plush yet will take big hits/whoops
Heavier than RM flywheel
Easy to hop up; remarkable power gains with $10 '89 RM250 head gasket, PC or FMF pipe and muffler-S/A; near RM-like performance
Turns very well
Low maintenance
Easy to work on
Many RM parts fit
UFO still makes some plastics

Good functions:

Can do desert and singletrack without sprocket changes
Can chug or scream up hills and other obstacles - you pick; very versatile
Between hopped-up power and suspension, will do whoops/rocks/most everything well

The bad:

heavy (realtive to MXers)
Brakes so-so
Aftermarket parts available though rare
Patience maditory with stock carb
Exhaust valve gums up
Stock bar perch too rearward; places bars in your lap like a trail bike

Bad Functions:

Some don't like snappy power (then get an XR)
Some friends razz yellow bike owners (none of mine did; especially those whom rode mine) " 

125 for sure.


The 98 RMX's are a good bike but a real PITA to start. You'll have a lot more fun on the 125 and the 03 model engines are better in the bush than the newer models. properly the best bottom to mid range of any of the MX 125's   :thumbsup:

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