88-90 rear shock in 86 XR600?

I've been told by some that I can bolt in an 88-90 XR600 rear shock into my 86 XR600...but I've also heard that this won't work because the 88-99 shocks have an attached reservoir (86 is detached) that will not fit due to the stock dual carbs air box.

Anyone know what the facts are?

The later shock would allow me more freedom of spring sellection. I'm also told it'll lower the bike about 1/2".

Anyone actually done this?

Facts are as you have them..Single carb shocks don't fit to the twin carb bike because of the reservoir to airbox nozzle interference..

May also be some other issue around the area as well that I'm not aware of. You need a shock with the res on the end of the cable

to fit to a twin carb 500/600..

What I figured, thanks!

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