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xt250 80's

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i posted  a while back relating to some issues i had been having with CDI wiring and Xt running flat

essentially i had to wire the 6 stator wires "blind" due to the previous owner wiring it all in glorious green wiring

so i was basically trying out different configs till i get spark then pop in the plug and give it a fire

i found a few combos that worked 

1 gives me easy start and idle but it seems to be running a bit flat and bogs down 3/4 throttle

2 gives me smile loads of grunt and feels right however it becomes very difficult to start 

i have given the carb a quick squirt and it felt a lot better combo 1 so am wondering if it may now be carb adding to the confusion

my second issue relates to full beam and low beam

full beam is fine however low is a dimmer version of both full and low


i just wanted to check with the forums if anyone can decipher what may be ailing the machine?

best regards

and thanks in adv (again)


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I don't want to hijack this thread but I am really stoked - last night I bought an '83 XT250 with less than 4000 miles on it!


It's supposed to be for my wife - she used to ride briefly ~12 years ago and she says she wants to go riding with me - and I hope she will - but as long as it's in the garage and as long as she's not riding it, then woo hoo, I'll have a second machine to take to work or to play with up in the woods.


My other motorcycle is a 2013 WR250R - obviously way, way different from the XT but I love them both.


My first "real" motorcycle was a Yamaha 175 back in . . . 1978?  Anyway, this XT250 reminds me a lot of that motorcycle and it's in really great shape.


So, I'm in the process of finding out as much as I can about this machine and I'm really looking forward to getting it in the garage (it's ~an hour away - I'll need to borrow a truck to go and get it today or later this week)


I'm also looking forward to being a member here (this is my first post).  I've had a zillion motorcycles and used to race MX in my younger days and I'll probably get another road bike soon (I prefer light, sport bikes that allow me to lean with confidence - ha). 


Thanks for any recommendations, suggestions or comments


Ride safe, ride often, enjoy it!


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Last summer an 83 xt250 followed me home, with just under 4000 miles on it! I've thoroughly enjoyed riding it, and it's very low maintenance. Easy to ride, as long as the clutch cable is good. The decompression doohiggie doesn't work on mine, still starts easy enough.

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