better for open hilly trails?

I dont know if I should get the yzf or the wrf. My trail riding mainly concists of more open trails and big rocky hills. I have not ridden a wr yet but have ridden the yzf. My main concerne with the wr is the weight, and how it would feel though the trails and lower speeds. IF anyone can give me and help or advice let me know.

Here's my take. I have dealt with this same dilemma before. I mostly trail ride (pretty aggressively) and 20% MotoX. The WR is going to be more trail friendly. Softer sprung, motor slightly mellower, wider range gear box, bigger gas tank..etc Here's the problem, the yz does feel more nimble (not much though) if you are a more aggressive rider, you'll like the stronger yz, tighter tranny. People who get the WR usually end maker it more "yz like".(Advancing the timing, narrower tank and seat..list can grow) I've done both ways now. I have a yz but made more "wr like" (Acerbis large tank, brush guards, softer seat, 18" rear wheel,o-ring chain, suspension work) Lighting is not an issue with me, I never use them. I end up breaking them anyway. I would get the YZ and make changes as they come up. The suspension is adjustable enough to handle almost any terrain.

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