270cc Any US Distributers?

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I'm ready to make a purchase, 250's are getting to be Ho- Hum lately...

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Hello adnohguy.. I believe to understand that this cylinder has the longer stroke, it is the truth? If it is so, fits well the cam chain?

The crankshaft has a 4mm longer stroke, not the cylinder.

The piston pin location is moved up 2mm. It's only a two ring piston.

So the deck height is unchanged from stock. 70mm bore, 70mm stroke.

You have to split cases and bore to accept sleeve as well as press apart the crank to replace the pin.

Are there any Distributers over there on your side of the world?.


Unfortunately here in Europe is not easy to find distributers.

In Italy even the crf230 is no longer for sale.

I myself I could not more buy in 2011, so I bought used a 05 crf230 in 2011.

I have seen on internet that in Brazil there is very interesting material on crf230, but I found difficult to buy from Italy for problems of import to the customs.

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I have seen similar crankpins before. Usually use a 2 piece "half-moon" rod bearing.   Assuming deck height is same and stock crf piston same flat-top you will see compression go from 9.0 up to 10.5 just due to increase in size.  Akunar sells these style crankpins and bearings for quite cheap along with pistons. Take a look as super cheap and they give pin to deck measurements.  They made me some sleeves that worked very well. Interesting metal but worked great.


Is there a web site for more information?

Thanks teamrude, I found "Akunar"

Looks like "Paypal" is the best way to pay?

Got to measure my crank pin and see if any thing will match up?

Take a look at other stuff. Valves, pistons, sleeves ets. Some of it is good and very very affordable Notice 31.5/27 valves have to measure your length

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