Progressive spring vs straight rate for 2007 KTM250XC

Hey guys I am trying to dial in the suspension on my ktm before race season starts. There seems to be a lot of debate on what spring to use for the KTM PDS system. I weigh right around 210 without gear and need to find the correct springs for the front and the rear. From research there is a lot of debate on which is better. I live in the midwest and run GNCC type terrain. What are some thoughts and any recommendations on spring rates to buy? 

48s in the front and PDS 6 on the rear...

Wheres the best place to get the springs? I can get race tech springs at dealer pricing but don't understand the way they label their rear springs.

i'd choose progressive sping over a linear spring when the terrain is changing pretty much, resulting in a woods like to fast riding.

In all other cases (more or less the same riding as you mainly can see at MX) i'd use the linear spring.

4.8 front is stiff but ok but imo would definitely need a change of the setup. Fork is pretty harsh. And you have to go with less preload.

A PDS 6 rear sounds a little soft to me, esp. with that stiff front. I'd prefer a PDS 2 or an 84 linear with very little preload

I'm not familiar with the speed and terrain of a GNCC but a 4.6 and 80 combo could work as well if speed is not too high

Call c.s.r. There in IN. 1800 795 1586. They know KTM !!

I talked to Jeff Slavens and he is recommending forks - 4.6N/mm and a PDS 8 in the rear. I am going to call CSR tomorrow and see what they have to say.

PDS 8? That's friggin stiff!

PDS 8? That's friggin stiff!

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