99 Suzuki RMA 250

I know this may be a stupid question I can't find a way to fill the gearbox with oil! I can find the drain plug and the clutch cover indicates I need 650mls, so I can get the old oil out, how the heck do I get the new oil in, other than lying the bike on it's side, taking of the clutch cover and tipping it in! Please can any one help?

I guess you mean Suzuki RMX250? If so it would be best to post this in the Suzuki 2 stroke section (sure a mod will move it anyway)


If it is indeed an RMX it sounds like you may have the oil injection model, that model has an extra housing incorporated in the inner clutch casing which house the injection pump, and the transmission oil fill plug.

Found this pic which shows what I mean. Oil fill point is at 2 o'clock position from the main round clutch shape. It will be under a cover.



rmx clutch casing.jpg

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