Athena Big Bore

I have an 06 rmz450. I was wondering if anyone has put the athena big bore kit in it. If so what other mods did you do? i want to do the big bore kit, kibblewhite valves, and hot cams. any info would be greatly appreciated! 

Had an 06 rmz 450 did the Athena big bore Dr. D exhaust, twin air power flow, shock therapy suspension. The big bore gave it more grunt but sacrificed some revs.

Don't know to much about them but I have one going in my 2003 wr2450f,looking forward to seeing what its gonna do.

I did one on my DRZ400. Deff more grunt.

My RMZ450 has tons of power stock. But I'm no pro.

I did cams, BB, full exhaust and better carb on my DRZ. Deff not the same bike I took off the show room floor so I imagine those mods on an RMZ would be BIG!!!

Let us know what you do and the outcome.

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Will do! Thanks guys.

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