XR650L tank fitting

I'm looking for a big tank. I had the ims 4.7 gallon on my 600R it was a great tank. I called ims to see of it will fit on the L and they don't know ??? I would think if the 4 gallon fits both, the 4.7 should too. Anyone using one on the L?

Still considering the acerbis but like the look of the ims better than Clark and acerbis

I've got the Acerbis and I love it.  The dual petcocks are convenient and the lines of the tank fit the lines of the bike.  Definitely recommend it.

The web site for Clarke ( http://clarkemfg.com/honda-xr-xl-c-1_27.html ) lists a 4.0 tank that fits both the 650R and 650L.  Their 4.7 is only listed for the 650L.


There may be some clearance issues with the larger tank (or maybe not).

I have a ims 4 gallon on mine and am happy with it. If you just slap it on it WILL not fit properly. The petcock will hit the cyclinder fins. I have read about how some guys changed petcocks or even ground down the edge of the fins for clearance. I just dont get it. All you have to do is take a small piece of rubber and place it under the tank on the frame of the bike and hold it in place with either a twist tie or electrical tape. This props the tank up enough to give the clearance required for the petcock.

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