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2005 or 2007 kx 65

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What KDUB said, plus assume you will have to do a top end on both anyway.  If you run one a while, you will have to do a crank eventually. There was a slight change to the crank in 2006, on the primary gear retainer.  Neither is better.  Never run less than 32:1 on the premix.


Make sure the gearshift is tight, no stripped splines.  I have a terrible time keeping steel ones tight.  The aluminum ones stay tight better.


Look for wear in the footpegs, are they level?  (can get better Chinese ones for $20).  Check for looseness in the rear suspension and rear wheel bearings, just like a big bike.  A suspension bearing kit is $70, bearings can be found for $10.  Check for loose spokes on the rear wheel, wear on the rear rotor.

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