XR80 plugs/electrical

So I got a 1980 XR80 in rough shape the plug in it is a D8HA, stock the bike would have had a much smaller CR7HSA which I realized when I went to change the plug, to keep a long story short sometimes with the old blackened D8HA the bike runs beautifully with no problems other times with the same plug it won't start no matter how big a hill or how much kicking or how much starter fluid I use (I don't use much for the sale of my piston) Is this in anyway symptomatic of electrical problems? Any easy tests I can do with out special equipment? Also when I remove the plug and place it on the engine it seems to spark good 3/4 times I kick the bike over, any help or suggestions/tips are hugely appreciated thatnksImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391804620.804022.jpg

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