TTR eBay carb getting stuck

So I bought the VM24 carb off eBay for my 125 ttr. I modified the cap such that the stock throttle cable could fit and hooked everything back up.

When I was testing the throttle BEFORE turning the gas on I noticed the slide kept getting stuck when I had it open throttle. So for the sake of wanting to just start it I noted not to open it all the way.

I kick start it and it starts on the 3rd kick. Idles for about 5 seconds and then revs very high (sounded like open throttle). This happens for the next 3 starts. Then on the 4th start it revs very high and quickly dies....I will note the stock hose coming from the front end with the tee is not connected to anything right now...

Air leak, throttle position not correct? I adjusted the idle screw all the way left to all the way right and no change... Hoses not connected correctly? Vacuum leak? Help!!!

Sounds like its sucking air. That assuming the slide is not stuck, and the cable is not holding it up all the time.

Now that you heard it run, why not resolve the sticky slide issue before moving on?

Air leak most likely between the carb and cylinder boot right? Sounds like I may need to spray some wd40 around the seals to find any air leaks.


I'm not sure how to fix the stuck slide as it's been hard identifying what is sticking inside the carb. The throttle cable going to the top is free of any kinks. There is that small metal peg inside the carb that guides the slide down into the casing. Looks like the slide is too short and as I open up the throttle it comes free of that small peg. Maybe I could remove the peg all together???

It sounds like you separated the throttle wheel from the carb body.

When you do that, you have to re-calibrate where the slide sits in relation to the linkage and the throttle wheel, or it will pull the slide up too far/not far enough

Figure there's an easy way to readjust the throttle cable? I did notice as turned the throttle 1/4 of the way the slide was already full open.

Got any quick tips on doing this or can point me to a good thread for this?

Thanks for the help!

New news.


It idles for about 10 seconds, then all of the sudden sounds like open throttle, then back down to idle. This repeats over and over. I have not put it in gear to ride just because I'd rather not try to change gears and it decide to rev again.


I did notice smoke coming out of the tube that leaves from the carb to cylinder side...maybe there is too much combusiton going on and that's where the smoke is coming from?? I'm skeptical that this is an air leak. May be a oversized carb or jetting issue. Help!



photo (5).JPG

Can anyone tell me why there is smoke coming out of that tube? And if I should be concerned?

Recently bought a 02 xr250r. I took it down to the frame to repaint and clean parts. I took the carb off and cleaned it with carb cleaner. Only disassembled the bowl. When I put it all back together and turned on the gas the carb started dumping fuel out of the overflows. I've takin it apart several times to fix it and everything looks clean and as it should. I'm positive it's the needle and float. Is there a certain way they are supposed to seat?

Also I've tried tapping it with a hammer and draining the gas via drain plug and started the process all over again still dumps fuel

Why are you jumping on someone else's thread?


Remove carb, inspect float needle and seat for damage, and float tang for proper spec.


You do have service manual, right ??

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