VM24 Carb installed- high rev idle

So I bought the VM24 carb off eBay for my 125 ttr. I modified the cap such that the stock throttle cable could fit and hooked everything back up.

When I was testing the throttle BEFORE turning the gas on I noticed the slide kept getting stuck when I had it open throttle. So for the sake of wanting to just start it I noted not to open it all the way.

I kick start it and it starts on the 3rd kick. Idles for about 5 seconds and then revs very high (sounded like open throttle). This happens for the next 3 starts. Then on the 4th start it revs very high and quickly dies....I will note the stock hose coming from the front end with the tee is not connected to anything right now...

Air leak, throttle position not correct? I adjusted the idle screw all the way left to all the way right and no change... Hoses not connected correctly? Vacuum leak? Help!!!

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