What bike should I buy? HELP (Read Description)

I'm 15, 5'3-5'4 and around 130, i have a xr 80 but looking to upgrade, I know clutch, and ride trails, any thought on a bike that would be suitable for me, I DONT want one too big, and 2 stroke or 4 stroke doesn't matter

My wife is the same height as you and she rides a CRF 230F. They are a great trail bike. i'm 6' and 220lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal :lame:  and I have a blast on her bike. Nice power curve, very controllable. If you think you are up to it pick up a 250F then you have something you can grow into.

Any other recommendations ?

80-85 2T or 150r

You may want to check out a Beta 250rr. They seem to be very easy to ride and handle, fit short rider's and are light.

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