Going to split my case



Hey guys, I am going to split my cases for my 01 cr250 and take a look.. I have never done this but (i did stay at a holiday inn last night. lol).  I have watched a bunch of vids.  I have a flywheel puller, case splitter/crank puller and regular mechanic tools.  I need to get ring pliers but other than that will i need a specialty tool like the flywheel/basket holder? I am a mechanic and I do change the pistons and such but this seems doable but i am inexperienced so not sure about this. So basically I'm just looking for some suggestions for tools / anything to make this go smoother.  I will need to get some bar stock from what i have been watching for the crank puller? 


Thanks in advance.. 



You need a crank installer, and a fly wheel holder. If you have an impact gun you can use that to get it off, but to installed and torqued correctly you need the fly wheel holder. Other then that stay clean and organized and you will be fine! It's not bad, I did mine 4 or so months ago and it was fun and rewarding. Make sure the crank seal is driven in 1mm on one side and 2 mm on the other. Also the countershaft seal should be pushed in 1 or 2mm refer to the book for that! Make sure you changed out all the bearing when your in there! If you have questions or need pictures just ask on here or pm me.


torque wrench

If you've watched the 3-part Rocky Mountain ATV videos you should have a pretty good idea how this is done.  Just take your time and keep everything in place including the washers.  Best of luck.


Part 1:  http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/Video/99

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