KX fork conversion

Hey all!

I've got an '87 KX 250 that I'd like to put some more modern forks on. Just wondering what years might fit on there without too much difficulty. Thanks for the help.

Check out the Kawi 2 stroke section and the threads on how we change the KDX forks to USDs, I would say the process is roughly the same. Be sure and do some measuring on the fork legs your planning on swapping onto it as the lengths may be quite a bit different (or not). Example being, the '97 KX125 fork legs I used on my KDX needed to be shortened a full 2" to get the same suspension balance and geometry as stock. Also clamp/stem/head tube compatibility issues to overcome. With proper research and homework, I figure it can be done, but it's far from a bolt on deal.


Very good, thanks for the lead. Cheers.

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