450 vs 250 2smoke

Can you guys please reply about this so I can prove to my friend that a 450 will blow a 250 2 stroke out of the water. On the straight and out of the corner. He doesn't believe that 250 2 strokes race with 250fs

Depends on the rider.  For us average folks, our riding ability plays a far bigger role than the bike we ride.

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90% rider. and the 250 2t  don't run with the 250 4t in  ama sx

Im talking about amature races. You always see 250 smokes in the 250 class

Yeah, like above, it's mostly rider. There are guys out there that'll run circles around you on an 80 if you're on a 450.

450s and 250s run together, not 250s and 250s. If they did, the 250 two strokes would win and four strokes wouldn't be popular. That statement makes no sense, since they 500 two strokes would run with the 450s, meaning that they would most likely have been improved since they were discontinued and would destroy the 450s.

And a 450 doesn't blow a 250 out of the water. They are about equal in terms of power and can both be ridden at the same pace, with both having equal chances at winning. Two strokes are still competitive against four strokes and it comes down to sheer rider skill for someone to win.

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Then what do they run against 450s? 500s?

If 250fs and 250s run together, then the 250 2t would have the advantage power wise, assuming the rider is capable.

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In a drag race the 450 will pull the 250 smoker most of the time and mainly at the end of the race. The 250 4t doesn't stand a chance. Real life track / woods racing is different. It is mainly skill that wins here. Seen many a 125 smoke a 450 on the track. I have passed quite a few 450's in the woods myself.

a 450 and a 250 2 t are equal in power?

a 450 and a 250 2 t are equal in power?

Not exactly, but the AMA thinks they are close enough. The 4t produces more torque(obviously), but the 250 2t can easily keep up with a 450.

I personally believe they should run 300 2t and 450s together. Would be fair since technology has come a long way with 450s, meaning they are ahead of two strokes ever since they stopped running equal displacement together. Would love to see the Big 5 making 300s...

Yea, but how many people do you see racing a 300 2 stroke in MX? lol. I know where I ride, i see very few..and its usually the guys who typically run trails primarily, but want to hit up the mx track now and then.

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That's what I mean. Only KTM makes a 300, and it's an enduro. If the AMA realized that a 300 2t and 450 would be equal, since they would, then the rest would follow, with KTM taking the lead.

I'm not rooting for KTM, but they makes some nice bikes.

It would be pretty close with a 300, wouldn't it?

Either way it doesnt matter for most levels of racing. I mean as has been said here...a 250 CAN keep up with 450s if the rider is capable. Way I feel is if you had everything being equal (ie rider) on stock to stock, the 450 would be faster pretty much always. Of course there are TONS of variables, so its kind of a silly thing to even worry about. I mean a guy on a 250f can beat a guy on a 450f, lol...

ama allows 250 vs 250 in all but pro and national,  has anyone seen dominance ?  it's not the arrow it's the archer.  

The people that build the service Honda 500 (late model aluminum chassis with 2 stroke 500) did a test against the 450 4 strokes. The 4 strokes had faster lap times with all riders.

most of you guy have no idea what you're talking about. I have personally owned all! And at the same time. An RMZ 250, a 450, and an RM 250. The RMZ 250 did not impress me. Reminded me of a 125 with torque, but was easy to ride fast.The 250 4t, and 2t are pretty equal in race conditions imo. Each one has advantages on different parts of the track. Sold the RMZ 250 pretty quickly. My 450s, and my RM 250 I had for a couple of years. I used to take both to the track. I'd hop off the 450, and onto the 250, and couldn't believe how slow it was!! Sounded, a like you were going a hundred miles per hour, until you looked at the ground, and realized how slow you were going. 450s are powerful, fast, and easier to ride faster, longer. I sold my 450s, as I mainly ride woods now. Raced a 450 in the woods once, and that was enough for me! That thing wore me out trying to hang onto all that power for 2 hours

Why I think a separate class for 2 smokes would go farther to bring them back into popularity. The 125/144 didn't really do it, and the 250 vs 250 really hasn't either.

we have a straight gravel road on our property oppox 800 meters and we have lost count how many different drag races with just about every model dirt bike you can think off and i can assure you a 2502t has no chance against a modern 450 there neck and neck for about 100 meters and then the 450 pulls away and at about 300 meters theres a gap of about 20 bike lenghts. a CR500 beats most 450s by about 3 bikes lenghts but cannot sustain top end the only bike that has beaten a cr 500 is a 2014 yz450f and it beat it by 6 bike lenghts at 400 meters. the 2014 yz450f is a seriously fast bike. A 250 2t is a fast bike but they have zero top end all there power is down low which is why there so good in the tight stuff.

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This is the best argument ever lol bigger then if 2pac is alive or who and why jfk was killed lol i argue with soneone atleast once a day about it if a 250 2t and a 250f drag race tha 2t would murder the 250f comon sense ive hun with 250f on a kx 100 they only had me by half a car

This thread sucks. Nuff said.

This whole post kinda makes me mad. If you've ever rode a 250 2t you know they got some power. Equal riders in a drag race, the 250 will get the jump but if its a longer race the 450 will win. But what makes me angry is i keep hearing "you feel like your going fast, but you look at the ground and you're not". Bullshit. 250 2t are fast as hell, and so are 450s. 

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