01 CR125 HPP power valve problems

So I recently purchased this 01 CR to rebuild and resell. I'm currently re-assembling the bottom end, and when I finished, I noticed I had paid no attention to the power valve assembly. I had to pull the right clutch case again, and re-assemble with te HPP valve in adjustment.

To check the adjustment, I set the cylinder on top of the bottom end, connected the hpp valve arm to the valve linkage in the cylinder, and turned over the engine a few times.

What I've found- the (let's just call them exhaust valves...cause..that's what they are) exhaust valve movement has nothing to do with the motion of the engine. The valve system is spring loaded, and opens and opens and closes fully.

Basicaly I can't find out what is responsible for opening and closing the HPP valve, so I can't begin to determine if I have it set up right for re-assembly.

My only guess at this point is that the valve assembly just chills there and opens and closes based on the compression of the engine. Aka- higher rpms- more exhaust gas- force the valves to open against the spring mechanism inside the right clutch cover.

Or do I have the whole engine put together wrong?!

It's centrifugal the rpm of the engine   actuates the power vavle

It's centrifugal the rpm of the engine   actuates the power vavle

yes, it has a governor which works centrifically & that moves the PV linkage.adjust the linkage with the valve fully closed

a service manual would be very helpful for you!!!

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