How do I push turn signal back into housing?

I had a fall and knocked my turn signal off the rubber stem that it is connected to, now it is just held by the wire. I tried pushing the light housing back onto the rubber stem but it doesn't seem to seat. What is the best way to reconnect them?



mmm,,glue maybe. :prof: or should that be maybe glue :devil:

Edited by Horri

You need a new signal light stretcher,,they are stretched then inserted.......














:devil: need a signal light or glue/silicone it together.



Just buy another turn signal.  They aren't that expensive.

Whatever you do to that one will be a problem forever after.  You'll be constantly trying to fix it.


Turn signals have always been a "wear item" for me, even on street bikes.  I know that I have to buy an other one every year or two and just live with it.

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