Dirt Bike Available to Register for the Road for Short People

Hi, I've been on the look out for a dirt bike that can be registered for the road (and therefore ridden on the road if need be). I'm 5'1" and therefore I am limited to a very select few bikes. Every dirt bike that I can find that can also be registered for the road has a seat height of 83cm and above with most around the 88cm mark. Which is up to my waist.

Has anyone come across a dirt bike that can be registered, I don't care if it's an agricultural bike, that has a low seat height - say around 78cm or at least knows of a bike like this that can be severely adjusted!

I really want to get a dirt bike but it's proving difficult. I want it to be registered so I have more options and don't necessarily need a trailer to take it everywhere.

I've already looked at the trail bikes of most brands, they only offer 250s to be registered and they are too big. Honda and Kawasaki both do agricultural bikes but they're high and wide. Any help would be great!


Honda just stopped making a Dual Sport (already street legal in the US) called the CRF230L.  Stock, it has a seat height of 81cm, but you could get a Kouba lowering link and drop it another 2-3cm.  It would be heavy and only be moderate offroad.  Might be a lot easier than making a bike street legal and you should be able to find a used one in good shape relatively cheap.

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