Acceleration problems

Hi Guy/gals

I just purchase a 2011 ktm 530exc. I am have problems with the acceleration when I go over 100kms. The only thing I could pin it on would be either old fuel, yet I have top it up with new stuff twice now. Or it's burning to much fuel than it requires. Has anybody else had this problem. It if help I have cleaned the air filter. Does this model over heat a lot? And would it be beneficial for a fan to be installed. This was happening on the highway too.

More info needed. Whats it doing over a 100? Spluttering? Running out of puff? ............?????

Yeah it is spluttering then running out of puff. I then back off a bit but it still does it even when I have slowed down to about 70km. Sometimes I have to pull over and wait a minute or two. Then off I go again but only for a few 1km or so. If feels fine as soon as I'm in lower speed limits in the city.

Sounds like a blocked breather.

Check the carby overflow hoses and also the fuel tank breather

Check the fuel filter too.

Will do

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