If you were expecting a poem, BITE MY CRANK.....

As most of you know by now the reddiwhip thread has been deleted from the TT Archives.

While I am bummed about it and slightly disappointed that I received no notification about it being deleted I do understand why. Brian needs to keep the lights on ere and Google is the higher power and makes the decisions for us on what we want to search. However I did Google Monkey Chicken Fucher and surprisingly enough was taken to several Asian porn sites. Not gonna lie, I watched some... love chicken :thumbsup: I wonder if the Colonel watched cock fights? Funny how Google can lean towards the moneymakers while preaching indecency...

Back to topic... There's a ton of people I should pay homage to in regards to the success of "the whip" let me see if I can name them all:

@Aakmetz @Alex125,@UncleAlpo, @Spike00svt, @Shrubitup, @Doctor DK, @Nighthawk, @Offroad4Me, @Robthesnail,@Woody, @Ryno @ Jackson409, @Zig06, @Rack, @NAturalEdge, I know there are many many more that contributed to that thread but I can't think of anymore names right now, lol.

Anyways, the Reddiwhip thread isn't dead yet. It will be moving to another forum. One which allows me more creative freedom and bigger boobs... love dem BOOBS!...and Bacon!

If you need to discuss my future thread please PM me or any of the others above. They'll know how to reach me.... I'll leave you with this fantastic photo...


:thumbsup: Poindexter.

I keep hearing about this whipp you speak of on the dark side but still have yet to see it. :mikeisfullofshit:

I keep hearing about this whipp you speak of on the dark side but still have yet to see it. :mikeisfullofshit:


Whats up guys? Been a while but I'm still Alive!


Ain't nothin been going good since I graduated High School got no bike right now, but if things work out here this winter I should be riding this summer. :ride:

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Good to hear from You Alex,,,Hope things get better for the New Year,,,I think the Boys have been asleep lately,,probably snowed-in,,,I still have the old Rm, and going to ride it Tomorrow,,,,good to hear from You Alex,,hang in there Brother........Dr.D..

Wow this thread just popped up.

How you makin out Alex?

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