Tm400 no spark scratching head

Hi brought a 03

tm 400 last week and was all running fine first time I went out, true animal... Got it home gave her a good clean and she started fine after but put it away for a few days. When I got it back out no luck firing up pulled plug and put new one in and nothing no hint of life not even the slightest of electric shock when I touch the plug? Battery is fully charged and turns engine over fine.... Doesn't even show life on the kick start so stripped all the wires of the bike (ovi I tryed kill switch before I done this) none off the wires where earthing out no wires showing am truely baffled I got the multimeter out and tested the stator wires... Readings I got on all wires where between 0.01-0.02 ohms dont have a clue if thats any good or not really am stuck dont no why it wony spark any other ideas??


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Ducati or Kokusan CDI?

Nice looking bike!

Has a kokusan cdi didnt no you could get a Ducati cdi for them lol and cheers its a lovely bike when its running!

Just had a look at the ducati stator and cdi, I dont think ill be buying either just over £300 for the pair! Is the ducati system better do you no?

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