Steering Dampers?

Looking to possibly install a steering damper on my 07 CRF450R and would like to know which one works best. I've seen that Scotts has one out as well as GPR. Thanks for the help!

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Whichever strikes your fancy. I have the Scotts, GPR and the WER. I love the WER for its mounting location. Mount it, set it and forget it......................till it starts leaking wich will be once a year. $89 for a rebuild kit. The Scotts and gpr are really similar. As far as hi and low speed tuning, I just set them and leave them alone so as far as the bells and whistles they don't mean alot to me. You can't go wrong with either of the two

Thanks. I might be leaning the scotts way. 

Thanks. I might be leaning the scotts way. 

I would go with the scotts. If you search, you will find no shortage of people saying their GPR leaks.

I've been running the Scott's for over a year now and so far it's been great. Wouldn't ride without one!

I have been running the Scotts, for over a year now and love it... The adjustability and the high and low speed dampers are 2 thumbs up... Saved my bacon a few times... I did have an issue with mine leaking virtually right out of the box... I rode a few rides and it kept leaking so I called them up and they said to send it in and they had it serviced and sent back that week... It end up leaking again and same deal, but this time they figured it must have been a flaw in the machining...They were to busy to check it out and I needed it before I went away for a few races... They sent me a new one and had it in 2 days...So yes, they all can leak, but the companies that have great service are well worth the investment, and Scotts stands behind their products..

I've been running the Scott's for over a year now and so far it's been great. Wouldn't ride without one!


Me too! Love this unit, especially at speed going on gravel roads. Pretty easy to adjust the dial as you're moving, so you're not locked in to one setting, ever.

I've got an RTT stabilizer.  It has a thumb switch that allows you to turn it off, on, and 50%.  First ya set your rate, then the thumb switch gives ya control.  Comes with a complete new top triple clamp.  I like mine.  Pretty much only turn it on when I want it on.

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I have read that the biggest difference in the Scotts and GPR is that the Scotts can be set to damp back to center (sport bike usage) or no damping to center for dirt usage, and the GPR was a damp back to center only item. Has GPR changed this for the newer model dampers such as the V4? 

I was also looking at emig. Their's also looks great, but the price tag may be a bit much.

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