One of the reasons why the pig is such a great bike!

Bike fever got the best of me yesterday. Its been a long winter here so far, but had to take her out for a rip on some dry roads yesterday. well dry roads mixed with ice and snow. I was getting a little cocky for my own good and while doing about 30 mph over some hard packed snow the front end washed out and i found myself sliding down the road pinned under the pig with my head and knee cap scraping the hard snow. seen stars when my head hit but the helmet did its job. Almost hit a car comming towards me and stopped sliding within 10 feet of it. Luckily the motorist hit the brakes and wasnt on a cell phone or something.

   Got the pig up to check for damages. Bars bent and a broken mirror. she fired right up. I heard a lot of scraping when i was sliding and was worried the cases got damaged. Just scrape marks. Took off and wheelied with bars bent in Drove back to my place and proped the bars up against the basement wall, put the bike in first and pryed up on the bars and they went back into place. Put a spare mirror i had back on and shes good to go. Earlier in the day i was looking at a 2014 beta 300rr. Stunning machine. too pretty to scratch up. A fall like that would have cost big $$ for the beta or any other water cooled rides. This is one reason why i love this pig so much. Its air cooled engine. I have crashed quite a few times over the last 2 years because of my heavy right hand. Flip overs, slides, jumps ect. Every time this happens i wonder what the outcome would have been with a water cooled machine. Today my knee, wrist and shoulder are quite sore. The pig is resting downstairs waiting for the next outing.... :thumbsup: 

:naughty: Dumb Canuck


Glad you and the pig are OK!

Yikes glad the oncoming car was paying attention!


Water cooled bikes can take crashing as well. I have had water cooled bikes for 15ish years and have only made one radiator leak in all that time.

I wrecked my XR650Lmthe first day I got it too.. Haha,.. But it twisted the fork tubes in the triple tree and made the motor leak. Also busted the battery/CDI electrical box bracket. When you wreck a 350lb bike at 30 mph on a dirt trail shit happens.

The bike always runs and runs good, but everything else is just so flimsy. I still love the bike!

It's what an off-road bike should be like! Indestructable however you abuse it.

Nothing like haming it up on the pig and ending up as pulled pork!


:naughty: Dumb Canuck


Glad you and the pig are OK!

Thanks. The pig always comes out on top. I seem to be the one always getting hurt..LOL...Funny thing is that i street raced on crotch rockets for years with my license and jail time always at risk. Hitting 180+ top speed runs, 120 mph wheelies, racing in packs of sport bikes through winding country roads and highways without any harm. I bought the pig several years ago to slow down and save my license and possibly my life, and i crashed and got hurt more freakin times on big red than i thought possible. :rolleyes:  Its all good though. Still having a blast ringing its neck in the woods. :thumbsup:

Nothing like haming it up on the pig and ending up as pulled pork!


Yup, i dont know what hurts more. My body or my

These pigs have been running strong for 30+ years! I've gotta 83 500 and have no intention of getting a new one.

Really Nothing has changed in that time period between bikes

Yeah, not much changed except dome suspension.

Was at death valley last weekend. Out in the middle of No Where, around the warm springs I found a guy with a drz400 had a minor crash on the rocks north of the springs. Had radiator guards on as well. Sprung a leak. Good thing his buddies were there, all were going to carry some water from the springs and hope he made it to the road.

Ol' Bessie (600) ain't as fast as the newest stuff but highly reliable. That's a beauty style all its own I never tire of.

yea and I wanted a DRZ400 just recently......

Yup, i dont know what hurts more. My body or my

I've usually found its more pride. Lmbo

thump........sounds like you need some of those studded swedish army tires. Glad the four wheeler was awake.

thump........sounds like you need some of those studded swedish army tires. Glad the four wheeler was awake.

...I would ,but normally in the winter in this area, a lot of the times the roads are bare. I have taken the pig on snowmobile tracks every now and then but not often enough to consider studs. This winter has seen more snow than normal and i was itching to go for a ride. It was actually some side roads off the main road leading to my place that wreaked their havoc on me and the pig. I think next winter the pig will stay asleep and i will be flying around the trails on a peppy honda 4 wheeler with a loud obnoxious pipe. Sounds a lot safer....maybe. :thumbsup:

yeah the snowmobile idea seems more rational, but I ain't got one. Couldn't ride last week but the the week before, I scared myself similar to you, but fortunately didn't go down.


11 deg F, bare tracks with slushy sides,  some blown snow, and gusty winds. Had to cross the slush at speed a couple times with cars/trucks comin at ya at speed.......wasn't as pleasant as i'd hoped and only 30 miles and my toes were froze.. haha


Same reason as you relative to the studs, but I shouldn't be running worn 705s now. Just got Shinko 244s which might more appropriate for winter riding. That said, winter riding on slippery roads is still an ify proposition, but it's hard for me not be able to ride. 

And of course one of the main reasons its such a great bike is the abundance of low end torque. I could hop on some tricked out 450 with the latest tecnology and like it, but if it didnt have the xr's stump pulling bottom end i would be dissapointed.

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