jumping with wind

what is the proper method and technique to jumping with wind, side winds in particular. in a race last weekend, mid way through the race wind got really heavy and i felt the bike pulling away from me like a sail as i went off the jump, and it made for an "interesting" landing. it also wasnt very confidence inspiring to take off on one side of the jump, and land waaay to the right or left of the line i had chosen. after that happened i didnt really go for the big jumps anymore because i didnt want to risk crashing off a jump. i saw other riders around me continuing to do the jumps though, and staying very level. is there a good method to jumping in the wind to keep it under control?

I havent found it. When it gets real windy i keep the wheels on the ground haha. Im in the same boat as you, i really doubt theres a trick to it other than a pair of bowling balls between your legs.

You have to compensate at take-off. Best bet is if wind pushes you right plan on taking off left of where you normally would (safest if your new to this). Once you get the feel for that you can actually hit takeoff at an angle "into the wind" at your normal takeoff line and land where you expect. When I started tackling cross wind jumping, I simply took off on the side of the ramp the wind was coming at and figured on landing somewhere downwind on landing ramp. You'll soon discover your not moving near as far off line as you first thought - but it is an ah crap the first time you experience it.

Its too unpredictable for me to chance it. A sudden gust or a sudden lack of that expected gust changes stuff too quickly. Angling and adjusting for wind that you expect to be there then isnt can lead to problens as well. When itz real windy i just roll the technical jumps and play it safe. Rather live to ride another day!!

Until recently the wind would randomly mess me up. Some times I would be fine, other times I would land way out of shape. I had an epiphany.  When windy, keep the seat high between your thighs, close to your crotch in the air. Make it like one close unit with your torso.  When its not windy, I'm more loose and extend my body further from the bike. It really makes a difference. Jumping in the wind also takes more commitment. The faster you go, the less effect the wind has on your trajectory. It doesn't matter if the wind pushes me over a couple feet as long as the bike and I remain pointed in the right direction.

Also, the moment you launch, pay attention to how it feels. If something is off, correct it early. Feel it, rather than see it, if that makes sense. I find I can correct mistakes faster if I feel what the bike is doing, rather than seeing something wrong.

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Start learning how to whip. I like to whip the bike out slightly into the wind. Usually the issue is the wind carrying the bike more then it carries the rider, making the bike go away. If you whip into the wind (so leaning with the wind putting the bike upwind), you can control it better and let it get pushed back under at you, instead of away from you. After a while you don't even think about it, it's just regular jumping.

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