Mysterious threaded hole above flywheel ktm 530


Just did a complete rebuild on this 2008 ktm530xcw. Everything went well, no bolts or parts left over. I am concerned about this threaded hole here before I put the stator cover back on and fire it up! Look through the hole I see the crank, roll the motor over by hand and crankcase pressure blows out the hole. Call a couple dealers, they don't know!?!

Any ideas? Don't want to screw up at this point

Had a couple really good engine builders say, "Run it" so I did. Seems to purrrr

Good to hear it went well. Did you maintain the dual sumps?

Just upgraded the oil pumps

Checked the service manual out of curiosity. Some pictures show the hole as your pic appears, others show what looks like a plug in there. Strange. I think my other post was poorly worded, I was curious if you combined the sumps while it was disassembled.

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