2008 EXC-R Headlight/Tailight dim out

My excr headlight & taillight will be on when I fire her up, then they will both fade out together, at the same time, then come back on, then off again, trying to figure what could cause this, anyone have any ideas? 

If you want to really be able to see at night you might want to look into ditching that OEM headlight, it's pure junk.


But on to your problem....I didn't have any of those issues so I'm just throwing stuff out there.  



I'm pretty sure that the OEM setup runs off the stator but I would check the ground connections on the battery and make sure they are clean and solid, also check the positive while you're there.


Did you check the wiring and the connections to the lights and the sockets where the bulbs sit?    ...I'd pull them apart and clean them as best you can. 

Get a volt meter and check the voltage going to them (headlight is easy access) and see how it varies from idle to rolling on the throttle a bit.  

Yes, I checked the connections to the lights, & I did clean them, I will check the grounds & the positive next. Its just odd that they both go in & out together at the same time. I know its not the battery because she fires up with the e start just fine. Either way, thanks for your thoughts.


And the headlight I have is an aftermarket bulb which is alot brighter than the stock one, but I am definitely looking into an aftermarket headlight assembly, like an Enduro Engineering one. Thanks again for the manual.

I have that same bulb, they actually sent me two of them when I bought from sicass racing!  It's still very very poor.  The problem IMO is that reflector shape and housing is just a bad and inefficient design.  It seems that the main concern was integrating the look as opposed to function.  The BD light is worth it if you can swing the dollars, and you can add another chunk for the dimmer if you want to stay street legal....I didn't bother.


The fact that's it's both would lead me to think it's a ground, not necessarily the battery but start there and work out.  You can look at the wiring diagram and try and see if the two lights grounds meet up before connecting to the ground, I'd guess it does somewhere and that wire might have a crappy or corroded connection or compromised in some way.  


Get a multi meter and see what voltage you are getting at the light(s).  

Do the turn sigs work okay?


Any success?

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