XR440 - hotcams stage 2 or 3?

Did some searching on google but couldn't really find direct comparisons.. should I go for stage 2 or 3? Full exhaust, 42mm carb, 440.


I've read stage 3 is higher up than stage 2, is that true? Unsure of what cam I have now, but possibly stock. Would I have to rev my 440 all the time to really feel the stage 3? Probably would like to stay mid-range rpm, not looking to wear the motor out faster



I ran through the same thing when doing my motor as well. I ride mostly mountainous terrain and stay out of the high RPM's most of the time, so I went with the stage 2. It kept the bottom end strong, but the power stayed strong well through the mid range. I am very happy with the stage 2 because it works in the RPM range I ride in.

I also have the BSR42 carb, full FMF exhaust, oversize valves, and big bore stroker (460cc).

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