longer chain to lengthen swingarm

[ 08 450r ]   I have 1/2" in of threads showing on my chain adjuster. Want to push back swingarm 3/8" which should leave 1/8" for adjustment before needing to remove a link. Chain is 116 links now. How do I figure out if I need 118, 120 122, etc. links on a new chain to put swingarm back 3/8"??


On another note there is a train leaving New York city traveling 60 mph and a train leaving Chicago traveling 40 mph.................

buy a 120 link chain, put wheel where you want it, put chain around sprockets and see how much needs removed and break the chain. 

So you are sure going from 116 links to 120 links will be more than enough chain?


On another note, I have a 98 380SX.

After you've lengthened the swingarm, install the longest chain you have and have it meet on the rear sprocket, then you'll know how long of a chain you will need so you can buy the correct-length new chain. If you lengthen the swingarm more than a mere 1.25" you will likely need longer than a 120 link chain!!!! Of course sprocket size will factor into the equation, too, so put the proper size rear sprocket on when checking... Each chain link is only 5/8" long on a 520, so it's fairly easy to calculate how many link you'll need if you know exactly how far rearward you move the rear axle.

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Thanx Eddie, I knew there was a simple way of figuring that out that i couldn't think of.  That's why I like this [and other sites] so much. Good people with great ideas and experience to solve problems.  


And again thanx for posting the info a few years ago about how to properly jet an 08 450R at 5000 ft. I would have been chasing that jetting forever.         

My pleasure to help.

You can use two masterlinks for a small section of chain, if you want too. 

I used to take a small section of chain in and out so I could change from single track to desert handling.

Not enough difference for that hassle, I concluded. Sag and clickers were much more influential on the handling than rear axle position.

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Here's a useful tidbit of info regarding chains.


a 520 chain measures like this.


All the numbers correspond to 1/8" increments.


5= 5/8" pitch, distance between the roller centers.

20 is actually 2.0 and means 2/8" wide rollers


A 525 would be same pitch, but the width of the rollers is 2.5 (or 5/16" .3125)eighths wide


So if you wanted to move the wheel back by 3/8's, you'd need to add 6/8's right? Problem there, can you see it?


There's a reason why gearing and chain length etc can see almost random unless you dive into the mind numbing details.

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