Swingarm install, what did I forget?

Hey guys, I just redid all of my bearings linkage, Swingarm ect... and im going to install my Swingarm and it looks like I forgot a washer on each side or something. With the bolt through the frame swingarm and motor I am able to slide my swingarm side to side, there is a lot of play. If you can tell me what im missing I would appreciate it.

Thanks Jordan




There are 2 thick washer on each extreme. About 3mm thick 

I looked in my manual and it doesnt look like im missing anything, last night I left it as it was, and torqued my pivot bolt down to the spec in the manual and all of the play is gone, but it still looks wierd to me that the collar from the bearing us still exposed that much.

Does everything look normal?

Looks like a good place for some dust seals.


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On the two YZs I did the swingarm on there were thrust washers either side. They came with the All Balls kit  May depend on the year though.

If your manual doesn't specifically show them, maybe look at a parts blow up on an OEM parts web site.  That's what I like about Yamaha.  You can always get all those little bits and pieces for many years after manufacture.

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