Electrically for noobs.

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Issue ^^

Solution vv

*would go here if I had one*

Do I need to buy a new plug or is there a way to splice them together without the use of a connector?

It's the speedo pickup btw

2000 drz400E "Aussie"

If the wires are long enough. You can try to get the pins out of the plug. Most but not all come out by pushing from the wire side with a pick. Once and if you get the pins out you can either see if  they are available locally or uncramp the old ones and re crimp and solder the wires. Depending on how the pins come out of the plug you may need to feed the wires in the plug before re attaching the pins. The other option would be to hit an electrical or auto parts store and. Pick up a 2 wire light plug and socket and put that in place. 

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