Mobil 1 ??

Can anyone help ?

What's the feedback on running the 426 on Mobil 1 fully syntheyic ?

I'm getting different vibes. Mobil 1 is the only decent oil I can get my hands on out here in the Middle East. I know it doesn't make sense.

I am currently using 100% mineral but am seriously thinking about moving over to Mobil 1. How is my clutch going to fair.

Thanks for any assistance.

Ive been using mobile 1 15-50 since after break-in. I think Ive had good luck so far...havent had any engine damage or clutch problems that I know of...but I swear the bike jumped out of gear a few weeks ago, causing me to crash while attempting a small double but Im not sure if it was caused by a "bad" shift, or a rock hit my shifter, or if there is a problem with the trans. Could it be related to Mobil 1? I doubt it. Make sure your Mobile 1 doesnt have any friction modifiers in it. As far as I know, the 15-50 is the only automotive Mobile 1 that doesnt contain friction modifiers.


I used Mobil1 15-50 (Red cap in the US) in my '99 YZ400 for 2+ years and it never had a problem.

I am currently using it in my 01 426 and have not had any problems there either.

If you are using straight mineral oil, I suggest you stop. Mineral oil is used in aircraft engines initially to "lap in" the cylinders and piston rings. It allows for direct metal to metal contact during break in. I have used Mobil 1 for years with no problems.

I'll crack on with an oil change as soon as...

Mobil 1 it is !!!

Thanks Guys for your time.

There was Mobil1 in my 426 -00 when I bought it and my clutch was very "grippy" but when I changed to a oil as specified in the handbook the clutch got much better

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